Keralase Hair Restoration in Parker

Keralase™ represents an innovative approach to tackling hair loss, utilizing the combined power of Lutronic Ultra® laser technology and KeraFactor®. KeraFactor® serum,which is specially formulated.

Keralase Hair Restoration at Lily Aesthetics in Parker,CO

  • Contains synthetic analogs of growth factors and proteins that are bioengineered to stimulate hair growth. Remarkable advancements in scalp rejuvenation have been demonstrated solely with the use of Ultra.

  • By creating tiny “microchannels” in the scalp, the Lutronic Ultra® laser increases the absorption of KeraFactor® Peptide Complex (KFPTM), a hair and scalp treatment serum with a unique and proprietary formulation) in the hair and scalp area. In addition to five bioidentical growth factors and two skin proteins, this topical serum promotes scalp and hair health. Nanoliposome carriers enhance the absorption of highly concentrated peptides.

Experience the transformative power of Keralase™ hair restoration at Lily Aesthetics in Parker, CO. Take the first step towards revitalizing your hair and boosting your confidence. Book your appointment today and unlock a journey to healthier, fuller hair. Don’t wait, schedule your Keralase™ consultation now!

Benefits of Keralase™ include

  • Keralase™ revitalizes the scalp, boosting hair health in general
  • The procedures are painless, effective, and affordable
  • Lutronic Ultra® improves the microvascular structure of the scalp in synergy with KeraFactor®
  • Revitalizes the scalp
  • Increases hair thickness
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improves scalp and hair health.



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