Type of ServiceRegular Price
1-20 units$12/unit
20-40 units$11/unit
>40 units$10/unit

Dermal Filler (Juvederm)

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Starting at $700/syringe depending on type and site

Chemical Peels

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Glow Getter Peel$100/peel
Clarify Peel$150/peel
Refine Peel$175/peel
Transform Peel (Medical grade peel)$250/peel

**Bundle 3 peels and save

Laser Vein Ablation

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Starting at $125


Type of ServiceRegular Price

**Memberships available, please contact for more information

Morpheus 8 (Package of 3 treatmentsCombine any 2 or more areas for M8 get 20% off

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Full Face$3000
Full Face – Resurfacing$1800
Prime Eyes OR Mouth$1100
Prime Eyes AND Mouth$1760
Full Face & Neck$3500
Full Face Neck & Décolleté$4000
Full Face Neck & Décolleté – Resurfacing$2500
Abdomen & Back$6000
Hyperhidrosis (4 treatments)$3000

AccuFit Body Contouring

Type of ServiceRegular Price
4 sessions (once a week)$3000
8 sessions (twice a week)$6000
12 sessions (twice a week)$8000

Lase MD Ultra (3 treatments unless specified)

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Face & Neck$2400
Face Neck & Décolleté$3300
Melasma (6 treatments)$2100

Tight & Bright (Dual Morpheus 8 + Lase MD Ultra) 20% off by combining M8+Ultra

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Face & Neck$5900
Face Neck & Décolleté$7300

IPL Clarity II Laser Hair Removal (Price Per treatment – Buy 6 or more get additional 10% off)

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Small area (ie upper lip, chin, ears, nose)$150
Medium area (ie armpit, bikini line)$200
Large area (ie both arms, face or brazilian)$300
X-Large area (ie full back, chest or legs)$400

IPL Clarity II Rosacea treatment

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Rosacea (3 treatments)$900

Keralase Laser Hair Restoration

Type of ServiceRegular Price
6 sessions$3500

Weight loss

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Semaglutide Only$400/month
Semaglutide & AccuFit (once a week)$2000
Semaglutide & AccuFit Plus (twice a week)$4000
Tirzepatide Only$800/month

IV Fluids

Type of ServiceRegular Price
Ultimate IV Fluid hydration$150
NAD+ Anti-Aging Infusion$500


Type of ServiceRegular Price
Biote consultation including initial labs$150
Male pellet therapy$750
Female pellet therapy$350

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